Singing Tips – Breath Control

So you have probably heard that breath control is important for good singing. You may know to take deep breaths using your mouth, and to breathe low, into the lower abdominal area, in order to engage the diaphragm to support your voice. Great! But if not, read on:

Diaphragm illustration
Thoracic diaphragm

The diaphragm is flat muscle that sits just below your lungs.

When you breathe in for singing, try to fill up your lower abdominal area (your belly!), thereby engaging your diaphragm. Don’t let your chest or shoulders rise – it should just be your belly, lower back and sides expanding with the air. You are still breathing into your lungs, just lower down than you are used to, and more deeply.

You could try placing one hand on your belly, and one on your chest – take a deep breath in through your mouth, and try to push the lower hand away from you as you do so. The hand on your chest should not move – your chest should barely be rising at all.

Imagine the air as being heavy, filling your lungs from bottom to top. You could imagine it as having a colour, and see it filling you up from the bottom up. This process reverses when you breathe out – your belly should contract, and the hand placed on your belly should come back in towards you.

Try this for a few deep breaths to really get the hang of it – you might feel a bit light headed at first as you get used to the increased oxygen intake. More proof that singing is good for you!

See you soon for my next tip…or get in touch to ask a question!

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