Student Testimonials

Lisa, thanks so much for your useful comments for Imogen. It worked well – she won the section, coming first with 88 marks! The adjudicator commented on her beautiful singing – which she said was note perfect!! She beat 17 other girls some of whom were fantastic so she is thrilled, & we are very proud! I am sure we will be seeing you again soon as we have 2 more festivals & semi finals. I know the girls really enjoy your sessions with them. Thanks again for all your support & encouragement  x
Mum of Imogen aged 14, who has joint lessons with a friend for duet performances

After a few years of telling my lovely wife that I was going to book up some singing lessons, she finally did it for me – typical bloke! For my birthday last year I received a voucher for six vocal lessons with Lisa and feeling excited, if a tad anxious about actually doing it, I rocked up and loved every minute of it.

Lisa is a great inspiration and someone that makes you feel perfectly at ease as soon as you meet her. The singing lessons are really well structured with lots of vocal warm ups and gymnastics, which as you progress get easier to manage whilst also more challenging, which I really enjoy, so I relish this. Lisa has also helped me find my range and overcome any vocal obstacles along the way.

I’m into my second block of six lessons now and genuinely look forward to every one. Lisa is a great teacher and really wants to get the best out of her students. I thoroughly recommend her.

Forget karaoke, this is the real thing and you’ll love it.

Neal Lankester, 40-something



Lessons with Lisa are both fun and informative. Since I started taking lessons with her, my breathing, tone, confidence and tuning have all improved dramatically.

She is the best singing teacher I have had, and tells me when I do well, as well as what I need to work on. A great singer and teacher — worth every penny!”

Heather, 24

On joining a choir at the grand age of 58, I wanted to learn how to sing properly. Having struggled with the technicalities of singing all my life, I was somewhat nervous of approaching the young and remarkably talented Lisa. However, her friendliness and relaxed manner soon put me at my ease. She is mature and conscientious and has a very positive approach.

Lisa gives her undivided attention to your performance in the singing lessons — I soon came to appreciate the benefits, since her focus as she studies your technique is second to none. Ever encouraging, she makes careful notes of the particular areas you need to concentrate on and e-mails them to you as reminders, along with exercises and songs to practice.

After only a few lessons with Lisa I found I was thinking about my voice in a completely different way, was gaining confidence and my throat felt much happier. If I’m feeling below par, or having an off day, Lisa has what it takes to steer me back on course again. I consider myself really fortunate to have found such a truly brilliant teacher.”

Jan, 58

I really enjoy my singing lessons with Lisa, she is always fun and makes me laugh whilst helping me with my singing. I feel my voice has got a lot better.”

Sarah, 11

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